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CPRE647SAU The wrong moderator was set in the Web Conferencing portlet. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.5 and 6.5.3. Please note: An issue may arise if a...
JLIN5YBC5DWhen creating a new meeting, the 'Encryption box' will now be checked by default.
DJOS62EK6GColumn sorting was removed from the ToDo portlet.
CBOD63YR74Fixed a problem with the Title bar in the Sametime window. Percentage signs were displayed where spaces belong. This problem has been fixed in...
BJAS5VNS5GInternationalization Options were added to the Web Conferencing Portlet.
ZYCI62Q8QTFixed a display problem with the Portlet Management Interface page.
ZYCI62WC4BFixed a display problem on the Resource Permission's page.
OMHN63TQYTFixed a problem where, when using Mozilla, the people awareness menu was not displayed in the correct position.
BJAS5WJ7DHThe Meeting Center link will now include the port number.
CAMS632JYLAdded code to check if SSL is enabled when constructing the URL for the meeting server.
SBRN62NRDZThe Notes portlet no longer fails in the Calender view for the German Browser.
ZYCI62PAHYFixed a problem where the portlet help button would not display the correct help page.
ZYCI62Q68YError "This portlet is unavaliable..." was displayed after logging into the "Who is here" portlet.
YQWG5ZM56MError "You do not yet belong to any workplaces..." is displayed when trying to open a Team Space. This problem has been fixed in 6.0.5 and...
ZYCI62P9BCAfter the portal was running for a while, the user logs off and then tries to log back in and the error message "The system could not log into your...
ZYCI646DE8Error "the portlet is unavailable" was received after selecting a Calendar in the Notes View Portlet.
XZLU5ZED6LSearch results displayed the error "error retrieving the meeting properties from the sametime sever" after selecting to search on Scheduled meetings....
ZYCI62Q5MCError "This portlet is unavailable. If the problems, please contact the portal administrator." was displayed even though the portlet was available. ...
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